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    Rocket Matter Releases “Worf”: iPhone 5 Update, Invoice Improvements & Extended Support Hours


      Rocket Matter iPhone AppThe mobile legal software is now iPhone 5 ready and features improved law firm invoices, extended support hours, and more flexible billing rates.

      Boca Raton, FL- January 25, 2013- Rocket Matter®, the leading mobile legal billing software for small to mid-sized law firms, today announces their “Worf” release, which includes updates for their Rocket Matter iPhone® App for Lawyers.  Also added are five new legal invoice designs and other improvements to the flagship law firm practice management product.

      Designed originally for compatibility with iPhone 3GS, 4, and 4S, this new update allows the Rocket Matter App to be iPhone 5 ready as well. The app was designed in native iOS and is functional, speedy, and enables users offline access. The major features of the app, like a built-in timer, and calendar access still function similarly– and your account syncs to the app automatically once connected to Internet.

      “These updates are necessary in bringing our users the latest features of the ever-changing technology market,” says Rocket Matter CEO Larry Port, “Rocket Matter wants to stay in tune with all updates, and our designers work on improving usability and functionality constantly.”

      Rocket Matter also introduced five new legal invoices designed by professional graphic designers.  Since lawyers often primarily communicate with their clients via their bills, Rocket Matter decided to improve this offering to their law firm clients.  Invoices now come in a variety of colors, include the ability to print out pay stubs, and work with standard windowed envelope sizes.

      The company also expanded its customer support hours to 8am-8pm EST to accommodate law firms in western time zones.  In an ongoing effort to increase support availability, Rocket Matter now features an interactive live chat screen, allowing customers to communicate directly with the company’s U.S.-based product support specialists.

      In addition, to accommodate flexible billing rates for different types of cases, Rocket Matter rolled out new functionality to track the history of rate changes on matters.

      Rocket Matter is always open to suggestions and user feedback. More information about the specifics of the app, including a demonstration video, are available at the Rocket Matter iPhone app website:

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