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    Rocket Matter Joins Legal Tech “Avengers” Team of ProfitSolv

      Rocket Matter joins Legal Tech “Avengers” Team ProfitSolv

      Nearly 13 years ago, a law firm used Rocket Matter for the first time. Four months after that, we were announced to the world by the ABA Journal and a handful of legal technology blogs, and the era of legal cloud computing was born.

      For a long time, Rocket Matter enjoyed working fully independently. But we realized it was finally time for us to drink the superhero potion. The opportunity arose to work with a truly great partner – one that not only understood the vision we had with Rocket Matter and LexCharge, but came with the expertise of working with similar software in other verticals.

      Now we can take the Rocket to whole new places with the help of our investors from Greater Sum Ventures and LightYear Capital. We are part of an “Avengers”-like organization of incredible companies called ProfitSolv.

      Rocket Matter still has the same team, the same quirky and caring company personality, and are still committed to our core purpose: “to make the lives of attorneys a whole lot better.” And with our new superpowers, we’ll be able to do a whole lot more of that

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