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      Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) February 03, 2015 – Rocket Matter, the pioneering company behind the first cloud-base law practice management system, today announces Marketplace, an online store for additional services. The Rocket Matter Marketplace will initially feature Internet Marketing Services (IMS), including website, logo, and social media design work, as well as the company’s highly regarded educational content.

      Rocket Matter’s books and webinar series are designed to help law firms become better at the business side of their practice, and are geared towards revenue growth and operational efficiency. Additionally, Rocket Matter’s community and fan base will be able to purchase branded clothing and accessories through Marketplace.

      Rocket Matter law firm marketing“With Marketplace, we at Rocket Matter want to go beyond saving time and making life easier for attorneys. We want to help law firms reach their full potential,” says Larry Port, CEO of Rocket Matter. “Rocket Matter is about growth. We help law firms increase revenues through better billing practices, an effective online presence, and a more streamlined, mobile, and less stressful practice. “

      Adds Port: “We’re also lucky to boast a great community of users who like our sense of fun and dig our branding and want t-shirts, mugs and the other cool stuff we make.”

      Rocket Matter’s Internet Marketing Services (IMS) replaces the Rocket X1 brand, which was rolled out in 2013 and was a one-size-fits-all solution to law firm Internet marketing. Based on strong demand, IMS now offers a la cart services for website construction, logo design, and social media setup at many different price points for firms of all sizes.

      Marketplace also debuts Rocket Matter’s latest book available in paperback, The Digital Marketing Playbook for Law Firms. The company’s newest addition to their content lineup discusses the challenges law firms face and provides tips, tools, and strategies to help lawyers and law firm marketers make informed decisions for a thriving online presence.

      The Digital Marketing Playbook for Law Firms, as well as Rocket Matter’s previous books, Heroic Lawyering and The Law Firm of Tomorrow, are available for purchase on Marketplace.

      About Rocket Matter:
      Rocket Matter, LLC (URL: helps law firms grow revenue through legal software, marketing assistance, and educational content. The company’s flagship product, Rocket Matter®, is the cloud-based legal practice management platform of choice for thousands of law firms. The system helps law firms organize their matters and increase their billing efficiency. Rocket Matter’s Internet Marketing Service powers the online presence of law firms across the United States. Launched in February 2008, Rocket Matter’s corporate headquarters is in Boca Raton, FL.

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