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    Rocket Matter Now Integrates with’s Virtual Receptionists


      Rocket Matter Now Integrates with’s Virtual Receptionists
      Remember when Bob Ambrogi named the greatest challenges faced by small law firms back in 2016? Those same issues—controlling costs, reducing administrative burdens, acquiring new clients, and more—are still preventing many boutique practices and solo attorneys from achieving their full potential. Just last month, we cited lawyers whose struggles continue to include:

      • “Finding excellent employees to help serve clients”
      • “Focusing on the right cases, in the right volume”
      • “Returning calls”
      • “Planning ahead so my calendar is not too crowded”

      Time management, lead qualification, and “client service”-type problems don’t go just away. But the traditional route of hiring in-house receptionists and secretaries (or repurposing paralegals) to manage the “business” of running a law firm is expensive.
      The best solution is delegation to smart technology and to capable, but affordable, people.
      This is where comes in:  The U.S.-based virtual receptionists offer much more than live answering services, including but not limited to outbound calls, lead qualification, new client intake forms, appointment and call-back scheduling, and answering questions about jurisdictions, practice areas, billing rates, and more. Also, the smart technology delivers automatic spam and unsolicited sales call blocking, call notifications, and SMS status updates (like “Do Not Disturb” when you’re heading into court!)
      Unlike most live answering services, never charges for wrong numbers, spam calls, or unsolicited sales calls. Moreover, billing is per-call, not per-minute. Clients who need to vent? New prospects who need to complete an intake form? Those lengthy calls won’t cost extra. Plans start at just $60/month, and every plan includes:

      • Customized call handling procedures for each law firm (and even each lawyer at the firm)
      • Coverage Monday to Friday, 6AM to 6PM PST / 9AM to 9PM EST
      • Call screening, prioritization, and VIP lists
      • Instant call summaries and end-of-day reports
      • 30-day/10-call free trial

      And now, integrates with Rocket Matter, so every caller interaction is logged in your Rocket Matter account. Here’s how the and Rocket Matter API integration works:
      After each call, the caller’s name, contact information, and call notes will appear as a new Rocket Matter message in the Messages section of your dashboard. You can then add this information to an existing client record or create a new client record. You can also opt to receive texts, emails or Slack notifications from after every incoming call, so you can determine whether to call back immediately or later on.
      Rocket Matter integration is available at no additional charge to businesses using If you’re already a customer, email to receive your Rocket Matter authorization link. Setup often can be completed in one business day.
      If you’d like to sign up for, you may do so online at, by phone at (650) 727-6484 or by email at Rocket Matter users get $50 off their first month with code ROCKETMATTER!

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