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    Rocket Matter Questions and Answers


      Recently the blog Home Office Envy discussed Rocket Matter and asked a few questions. We are happy to respond!

      1) How do we transition to Rocket Matter?

      Right now we can import your contact and calendar data through vCard, iCalendar, and CSV files. Most systems will allow this kind of data export. This is the first request to import financial data and we would love to explore this subject more. Feel free to shoot me an email at so we can discuss this.

      2) Will there be a backoffice/accounting system?

      We currently have a backoffice setup which works well for a small or solo firm. We have a ledger in our system which allows you to track credits and debits for your matters. You can print invoices directly from Rocket Matter, and when you do so, you debit that matter’s ledger. Invoices will also show a balance forward. When you set up a matter you can create an initial retainer deposit.

      We offer integration with financial products. We allow you to export your ledger and billing information to the lingua franca of financial applications, Excel. This can then be imported into Quickbooks, Peachtree, Microsoft Dynamics, or other standard G/L programs.

      3) What’s the price?

      During our Pilot Program, we are charging $50 USD per attorney per month and $15 USD per support staff per month.  NOTE:  Our Pilot Program ended on December 31st, 2008.  For up to date pricing, see our pricing page.

      Your investment in Rocket Matter will have significant ROI for your firm. Using a hosted solution eliminates many IT expenses, such as not having to buy various software or hardware components. We integrate Calendaring, CRM, Matter Management, and Time and Billing, saving you both the cost of having to purchase multiple applications and the time needed to flip back and forth between them to find your information.

      In addition, Rocket Matter features “Bill as you Work” technology, which allows you to capture time while you work. Even if you capture an additional .1 a day, that’s 30 minutes a week or 25 total hours a year. At an hourly rate of $250 an hour, that’s a savings of $6250 a year.

      4) What about a message and comment system?

      Currently we have a feature called Notes which allow for online discussion and collaboration on a matter. These are analagous to Messages in Basecamp.

      5) Document Management OR Document Automation

      These will not be in our 1.0 release, scheduled for this summer. However, all I can say for now is…stay tuned!

      6) Outlook, iPhone, and synching with Rocket Matter

      For our iPhone optimization we have rolled out an optimized version of the application that allows for a native iPhone look and feel on the Safari browser. There’s no need to synch, use a tether, or install anything. If you lose your device, your sensitive data is not at risk. If someone at your office updates the calendar, you will see the new appointment automatically on your iPhone. Similar optimizations for Blackberry and Treo are on the horizon for us.

      We are aware that Outlook synching is a concern for people and we will be addressing this as well. If we see that this is a make-or-break deal for potential clients, we will prioritize this ability.

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