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    How the Rocket Matter Team Stays Fit and Productive Using a Rebel Treadmill Desk


      The Rocket Matter team is all being effective by maximizing productivity and efficiency. And, it starts with staying healthy and fit. Everyone at the company is encouraged to participate in activities to improve their fitness – for their own well-being and increased productivity – in and out of the office. And, what better way to get fit and be productive than walking and working – using a treadmill desk.
      Our own Kimaree took the Rebel Treadmill 1000 for a spin, and we can’t get her off it. I asked her about the walking and working experience. Here’s what she had to say. (Bonus: video to follow).
      1. Hey Kim, tell us a little about yourself.
      I’m a 39 year old mom working full-time as a software specialist for a technology company in South Florida. As far as regular exercise goes, my level of consistency leaves MUCH to be desired. This year I started experiencing low back pain and just didn’t feel comfortable sitting for nine hours a day anymore.
      2. How did your company decide to get a treadmill desk?
      I work in a very health-minded culture. An employee of ours mentioned the Rebel Desk, and we were all for giving it a go.
      3. How do you use the treadmill in your daily work routine?
      I work on a laptop computer with a second monitor at my desk, and I have a stand at my desk to set the laptop on if I want to stand or walk. The treadmill easily rolls right into my workstation, and allows slow to moderate walking speeds so I can choose what works best with the activity I’m engaged in.
      4. How has it benefited you?
      More immediately I noticed a difference in my core balance and what I’ll refer to as “skeletal muscle strength.” Too often, people are sitting all day at the office, and then they leave work to hit the gym for a hardcore bootcamp session, Zumba class, or strength training. There’s no in-between.
      The Rebel Desk is a fantastic way to condition during the workday to be better prepared to follow up with more intense strength building if that’s your goal. Even if you don’t have a higher exercise goal, you will notice a difference in your hips, thighs, glutes, and core, very early on.
      5. Any downsides?
      When others want to use it! All kidding aside, I’d like to raise the monitors just a bit more to avoid looking down. Compared to sitting, there are no downsides at ALL. It allows for a very slow speed if you prefer – you’ll forget you’re walking.
      6. Would you recommend it to others?
      ABSOLUTELY! It’ll take some getting used to and some adjustments, but stick with it and you’ll never want to sit all day at work again.
      Thanks, Kim!

      Disclosure: Rebel Desk sent us a trial unit of their Rebel Treadmill 1000. As you can tell, we fell in love with it, and decided to keep it.

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