Rocket Matter Release Notes: 1-5-16

by rocketmatter-admin January 5, 2016

Now Available!
Rocket Matter Allocation Report

As part of our Advanced Analytics Module, the Allocation Report displays payments made to the firm that include user, client, amount of payments and how much went towards each line item.

Contact our Support Team at (888) 987-0539 for module pricing.



  • Processing a pre-bill with previously invoiced activity now yields the correct total.


Usability Improvement:

  • Deleting a contact who is an attendee of a calendar event will no longer produce an error.



  • Expense codes can no longer be added to time entries and task and activity codes can no longer be added to cost entries.

Usability Improvement:

  • “Ledes_Firm_Matter_Id” custom field can be used when the Firm Matter ID is too long in the LEDES invoice.


Usability Improvement:

  • Notes can now be added to closed matters.


Usability Improvement:

  • ”Trust Details Report” includes filter option for clients with deleted matters.


Usability Improvement:

  • Mobile phone numbers can be searched using the Global Intelligent Search Bar
  • When searching for a phone number and a user clicks “show more,” the advanced search displays all contacts that are associated with the phone number.



  • Deleted tags are no longer reflected in the “Admin” section

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