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    Rocket Matter Release Notes: 10-20-15


      Updated iPhone App now available in the App Store!

      We’ve rolled out the Rocket Matter iPhone app version 1.7.3. This version resolved previous issues for users on iOS 9 regarding crashing and data syncing.

      • This update is compatible with the latest iOS update 9.0.2. Please update to this newest version before installing the RM app.
      • First delete your old Rocket Matter app
      • Locate the App in the iTunes store
      • Reinstall the update

      New Features

      Multiple invoice templates are now easier manage!
      New drop-down menu for invoice templates gives you the ability to:

      Select invoice templates

      Delete invoice templates

      Billing description of Outlook emails can now be edited!

      Full screen now available for “Matter List” and “Billable Activity by User(s)” reports.

      LEDES codes are now displayed in “Billable Activity by User(s)” report.

      LEDES merge fields for activities, tasks and expenses can be added to PDF and Word invoices. Invoice template cheat sheet is now updated with LEDES merge fields and tables.

      Back by popular demand!

      The ‘view more billable activity’ link now appears under ‘Recent Billable Activity’.


      • Timer no longer freezes.


      • Last billable activity is no longer duplicated when there are more than 25 recent billable activities on the matter dashboard.

      Usability Improvements:

      • Billable items cannot be transferred to closed matters.


      • ‘Remind participant function’ reflects event when it is edited in datebook view.
      • When a new user is added, the user’s name is displayed on the calendar.

      Usability Improvements:

      • Calendar view persists when navigating between classic and datebook views.


      • vCard import includes client’s full contact information.


      • Apostrophes in a Matter name no longer prevent time from being attached to emails.


      • LawPay transactions can be processed with periods, plus signs, parentheses and dashes in client’s billing phone number.

      Usability Improvements:

      • “Your LawPay Integration Has Been Enabled” is now displayed in the Admin section when LawPay is enabled.


      • Internet Explorer 11 no longer produces an error when matters are closed, reopened and completed.


      • “Payments Per Client” report now reflects all payments for the selected date range.
      • Only RM users can now be added to a Matter’s Primary Attorney field. This fixes the problem with some Matters not being displayed on the “Matter List”.

      Usability Improvements:

      • Filtering options are now saved when exiting and reentering the “Matter List” and the “Billable Activity by User(s)” reports”
      • “Matter List” access has been restricted to exclude users with regular access from viewing the report summary.
      • “Matter List” is extended to display 50 matters.
      • “Billable Activity by User(s)” report now displays LEDES codes.
      • New “Batch Billing” checkbox option to include ‘Client Total’ on Export.
      • Ascending and Descending sorting filters now work in the “Matter List.”


      • Completed matters are now searchable in the Global Intelligent Search Bar.


      • Tag numbers remain consistent when deleting a Matter with a tag.

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