Rocket Matter Release Notes: 11-04-15

by rocketmatter-admin November 4, 2015

New Features

  • Contacts listed as “Primary Contact” can now be associated with multiple companies.
  • When creating a message from a non-contact, the person will be automatically added as a Rocket Matter contact.
  • Pages have been optimized for faster loading.
  • Invoices can now be shared automatically through the Rocket Matter Portal when contact only has a home email address.



  • ‘Client.Name’ merge field now includes the client’s middle name on invoice templates.


  • Date Calculator no longer produces a ‘10 second time out’ error.



  • Activities cannot be added to closed matters.


  • Counter for Payment per Client report is fixed.
  • Notes with quotation marks no longer produce an error when trying to export.
  • “Billable Activity by User(s)” now displays correct user when switching from ‘Muliti User Mode’ to ‘Single User Mode’.

Usability Improvements:

  • Columns persist within the same browser when exiting and reentering the “Matter List”. “Billable Activity by User(s)” and “Payments Per Client” reports.
  • “Payment Per Client” report now includes a “Group by Client Totals” check box to include client totals.


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