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    Rocket Matter Release Notes: 8-6-15


      Usability Improvements:

      • The pending invoicing widget on the user dashboard includes the total pending invoicing amount for all open and closed matters.
      • Start date field added for batch billing.
      • Payments recorded to operating account will first cover any unpaid invoices and the remaining funds will be applied to the operating account.


      • Error is not received when editing an event where attendee’s last name contains an apostrophe.
      • Events overlapping two months are visible on the second month.
      • “Check Availability” accurately displays the availability of event owner and attendees.


      • Deleting user contact record removes user from the matters report.

      Usability Improvements:

      • Parentheses can be entered in the last name field.
      • Ampersands and forward slashes can be entered in the first and last name fields.

      Documents and Notes

      • Error is not received when uploading document with a lengthy file name.

      Usability Improvements:

      • Added ‘Name’ and ‘Date Modified’ sort options and text search field for Dropbox subfolder.
      • Increased file upload size to 70 MB.


      • Matter cannot be created if statute of limitations expiration date is before matter open date.

      Matter Emails

      • User stays on current page after billable time is attached to an email.


      • Statements report displays invoices with partial payments when the “include paid invoices” check box is not selected.

      Usability Improvements:

      • Primary contact column added to contact export.
      • Export of Aged Accounts Receivable report includes client-level and date range totals.
      • Report summary added to Invoices Report to reflect total costs, total fees and total invoiced.

      Usability Improvements:

      • “Search Options” is changed to “Advanced Search”

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