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    Rocket Matter Release Notes: 9-17-15

    by Misbah Siddiqui

      New Report Added! 

        “Payment by Client” Report: Shows payments made to the firm. Report includes a summary of clients, matters, date, description, adjustments and amount of payments.



      • Billing date on the matter dashboard matches the billing date on the pending invoicing page.
      • Users with regular access have the ability to click “Add Payment” from both the matter dashboard and the user dashboard and successfully submit payments.
      • Completed hourly matters are included in the pending invoicing total on the user dashboard.

      Usability Improvements:

      • “Add Payment” button added to the matter ledger page.



      • Attachments to emails can be opened after billable time is attached.



      • Invalid credit card numbers are now yielding an error message.


      Usability Improvements:

      • The client export in advanced search now displays the extension of office phone numbers.
      • Checkbox added to exclude client totals on the AR report.
      • Notes from matter can be fully exported in advanced search.

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