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    Rocket Matter Releases “Bones” – Improved Navigation for Our Law Practice Management Software


      New navigation for Rocket Matter's online legal softwareIn our continuing quest to make lives easier for lawyers, we’ve added a couple of key improvements that make it simpler to find your way around Rocket Matter. We’ve revamped the sidebar navigation of our law practice management software.

      Clean Look and Cool Icons

      We took a look at our sidebar navigation and realized it needed a major makeover. So we drew up some cool little icons and came up with a scheme to make Rocket Matter even more usable than it is now. And hey, who doesn’t love cool icons?

      Our sidebar navigation now has a clean and uniform look to it. We added some style, and ensured the navigation stays consistent from page to page. The result is a better look and easier access to your favorite Rocket Matter features.

      You Are Here! Bold Locations

      You can now easily identify which screen you are on not just by the breadcrumb at the top middle of the page, but the sidebar navigation as well. The page you’re on will be bolded and highlighted.

      Easy Access From Virtually Any Screen

      You used to have to return to the User Dashboard by clicking the Rocket Matter logo in order to access different parts of our application. With the new navigation menu, you can skip the trip to your User Dashboard and head directly to the desired page from the new sidebar navigation. You’ll find that these shortcuts reduce clicks and make it even easier to find what you’re looking for in Rocket Matter.

      At Rocket Matter, our goal is to make the lives of busy, mobile attorneys a whole lot easier. This update does just that and makes our legal practice management software friendlier, and quite honestly, a lot better looking!

      We always welcome customer feedback and would love to hear what you think about our newest update.

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