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    Rocket Matter Releases “Chekov” with Legal Trust Accounting 2.0, Many UI Improvements


      As part of our initiative to more aggressively respond to customer requests, last night we rolled out our “Chekov” release. We hope you enjoy the following requests which came directly from our awesome community of legal professionals.

      Legal Trust Accounting 2.0

      We’ve made some much requested adjustments to make our legal trust accounting more flexible when it comes to recording payments and reserving funds.

      Now, when you run an invoice, you have a new third option:

      1) Transfer the funds right away.
      2) Don’t transfer the funds, but reserve them in the trust account.
      3) Don’t transfer the funds or reserve them. I’ll do it myself.

      Below is a screenshot, and we also put a video explanation of the new functionality on our YouTube channel.

      Online Legal Trust Accounting

      Also, our Add Payment screen has been changed to provide more control of your financial destiny.

      You can choose to make payments directly to an operating account OR a trust account, regardless of whether or not money from the trust account has been reserved.

      In addition, we’ve made the Add Payment screen more intuitive. You can select to add a payment to a specific matter, which will allow you to adjust operating accounts OR trust accounts, as well as choose a Client, which will allow you to make payments only to the trust account.

      The new screen should clear things up a bit:

      legal trust accounting 2.0 - apply payments

      User Experience Improvements

      Based on direct suggestions in our June survey and emails sent to featurerequests(at), we also rolled out the following:

      1) Billing History Page: We added a “bill expense or time” button, so when you review your billable items, it’s easy to add another one.

      2) On the add (and edit) billable item and expense page, the description field is now a multiple row input box. A lot of people asked for that!

      3) The “what has been paid” report now features checkbox options to search for payments and/or adjustments.

      4) For tasks: you can now view 50 or ALL tasks at once in the drop down. And we store your preference when you come back to that page again.

      5) When you click the “Synch Google Calendar” button, we give you feedback when the synch occurs and if it was successful or not.

      6) Matter Details Report and Activities Detail Report: We changed the formatting for open and completed date to be consistent with other date formatting in Rocket Matter.

      Let us know your thoughts – we love the feedback we’re given and we’re trying to continually make our product more intuitive and easier to use. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time if you have any questions on the new release.

      Below is our YouTube video explaining some of the trust accounting changes:

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