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    Rocket Matter Releases “Uhura” with Larger Uploads, Media Files + More


      Last night we rolled out a bunch of small changes that addressed customer requests and minor bug fixes. This is a first in a series of quick wins, where we’re going to be rolling out product improvements suggested to us by our users in our June survey.

      These customer-requested releases will be named not after giant cats, as Apple does, but after Star Trek characters.  This first one is “Uhura.”

      Other major features, including improved mobility, Quickbooks integration, and email integration will be coming soon.

      Significantly, we improved our document uploader to allow you to upload files of up to 10MB in size each. Media files, including common formats for movies and photos can now be uploaded and associated with matters. As always, you can store as many documents in Rocket Matter as you desire!

      To hold you over until true email integration, if you drag an email to your desktop, you can then drag it right into the document uploader and associate your emails with matters.

      Other changes:

      * We increased the number of characters you can use for a custom field label.

      * You now have a button in Admin called “Refresh Server Cache,” which you can hit if someone in your installation adds matters or contacts and you can’t see them in your Global Intelligent Search.

      * Increased security! Granted, these are invisible changes, but we added some extra new defenses against emerging but low-probability web attacks. Never can get too careful or be too paranoid, and we take security extremely seriously.

      Bug Fixes:

      * For LEDES invoices, we fixed issues involving custom matter rates.

      * On the calendar datebook view, we fixed the issue where you couldn’t drag events.

      * We fixed a rounding error in the display of a trust account summary widget.

      * We added a fix to document assembly where certain fields weren’t being read because of case-sensitivity (upper/lower case issues).

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