Rocket Matter Rolls Out Contact Tagging and Mail Merge Capabilities!

by rocketmatter-admin December 7, 2008

Rocket Matter users will log in today on Monday to find a new feature awaiting them – Tagging and Mail Merge!

Now, when you navigate to your contact pages, you can assign a contact multiple descriptions. You can describe someone as “Lawyer”,”Opposing Counsel”, or with a location, such as “Miami”, for example.

Fans of Web 2.0 applications such as, Flikr, or Gmail will feel at home with the tagging technology, while newcomers to the feature will quickly see its power and value.

How to use Tagging in Rocket Matter

Navigate to a contact record
In the Tags section in the sidebar, click “Add Tag”
Type in a description, or tag name and click Add.
Your tags can be clicked on, from a contact record, or the Tag will now show up in your Intelligent Search. By visiting a Tag listing page, you will see all contacts in your system labeled with that Tag, and you can export an Excel spreadsheet.

This Excel spreadsheet can then be used as a data source for a Mail Merge, enabling you to quickly print labels or form letters for your Rocket Matter customers.

FREE Rocket Matter Mail Merge Tutorial Webinar!

Please join us on Friday, December 12, at 3PM EST to learn about this powerful functionality. Learn how to print out labels and send out mail merge letters in time for the holidays!

When: Friday, December 12, at 3PM
Conference Number: (616) 712-8000, access code 990615, then #
Webinar URL:
Please contact us at to RSVP for the Mail Merge Webinar!

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