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    Hey Alexa! Rocket Matter Now Offers Voice-Driven Time Tracking


      Rocket Matter Tali Integration
      Rocket Matter is proud to announce its new integration with Tali, the leader in voice-driven time tracking and productivity software for the professional services industry. We’ve joined forces with this innovative company to create an easy-to-use conversational time tracking workflow for attorneys. Through this integration, lawyers can speak their time entries to Amazon Alexa and automatically generate electronic invoices and payment links through Rocket Matter.
      We know that time tracking and manual time entry can be a tedious, time-consuming, and frustrating process for lawyers that can result in lost billable hours and significant administrative effort. Tali makes these processes so much easier. Lawyers can simply say things like, “Alexa, tell Tali to record 10 minutes to Garcia for ‘meeting with client,’” in order to track time, as opposed to jotting time down on Post-it notes or sifting through your inbox and calendar to recreate your day or week. Once you’re done logging your time, syncing your information to Rocket Matter requires just a simple click of a button.
      “The Tali and Rocket Matter integration was a no-brainer for us: our customers want tools that are easy-to-use, and Rocket Matter is one of the most user-friendly practice management platforms out there,” said Matt Volm, CEO and co-founder of Tali. “Voice-driven time tracking helps lawyers capture more of their billable time, while the integration with Rocket Matter completely eliminates the pain and frustration associated with manual time entry, saving users time and improving their productivity.”
      “It’s hard to believe how far we’ve been able to push the efficiency envelope with billing over the past ten years,” says Larry Port, CEO of Rocket Matter. “We started with single invoices and then moved to batch billing and online payment solutions. Now our attorneys can speak their time entries through the brilliant work of the people at Tali.”
      Check out Tali CEO Matt Volm demonstrating the Rocket Matter integration in the video below.

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