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    Rocket Matter Tip of the Day: Remove Mood Messages From Skype


      Skype is an amazing tool. The quality since we’ve been using it for the past three years keeps improving to the point where I hope, when I talk to someone, we can do a Skype to Skype chat as opposed to a regular phone call.

      We’ve even rolled together an inexpensive and highly efficient alternative to an expensive office PBX system. allows us to have support and sales queues and office extensions, which we route to Skype In numbers.

      But – Mood Messages. Worst feature in any of the software I normally use. Finally, after years of having my attention tugged by meaningless Skype “You Have a Message” type notifications, I Bing’d how to do it and here’s how to end the misery:

      Go to Preferences->Advanced. Unclick “Enable Mood Message Chat.” Voilá. That’s one small step for man, one giant victory in the constant battle against machine-induced attention deficit disorder!

      Skype Preference Panel.  Turn off Mood Messages once and for all.

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