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    Rocket Matter Updates: Batch Billing, Invoice Payment Summary Page


      Printing professional-looking bills just got much less time-consuming with Rocket Matter! We rolled out the following features tonight:

      1. Batch Billing: From the Pending Bills Page, instead of generating each bill one by one, you can now generate all your bills at once! Your bills are zipped up and sent down to you in an archive. You can still generate bills individually if you still want to, so you stay flexible.
      2. Invoice Payment Summary Page: Now your invoices come with a professional payment summary page, reflecting the client’s previous balance and payment for the matter, and new total if a balance is carried forward.

      The following issues were also resolved:

      1. Issue for invoice title for firms with a personal, not a company name, resolved.
      2. Fixed “Create Event” link from the Matter Calendar page.

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