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    Rocket Matter Updates: iPhone Optimization, To-do List Improvements, Better Pending Bills


      Rocket Matter rolled out a number of changes based on user feedback: iPhone optimization, improvements to our To-do Lists, and more visibility into your Pending Bills. Thank you to our Rocket Pilots for their suggestions!

      1. Optimized iPhone experience: Use your Contacts and Calendar in a much more fluid way on your iPhone. You can navigate this information just as you would a playlist. Make phone calls and send emails directly from Rocket Matter! And if you want to bill on the road, you can still launch the full normal view of Rocket Matter.
      2. To-Do list improvements: Based on feedback from our users, we changed the To-do list behavior on your User Dashboard to include all to-do items you have across all matters. Now you can really apply Getting Things Done principles with Rocket Matter!
      3. Better Pending Bills screen: Instead of providing you with a date range, we now provide you with a billing date field that shows you all matters that are ready to be billed, whether they have recent activity, the client has a balance, or a contingency case has been closed. You can also filter by dollar amount, if you don’t wish to bill items with a little activity.

      We also addressed the following issues:

      1. Added stability to the Add Matter wizard.
      2. Added additional validation to the Add Matter wizard.

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