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    Updates: Print PDF Bills, Pre-Bills, & Ledger Integration


      We rolled out a number of changes to Rocket Matter to facilitate billing for your law practice:

      1. PDF Bills. In addition to generating bills in Word and WordPerfect format, you can now create a PDF invoice. This is ideal in situations where you want an invoice that can’t be modified, whether for your own archival purposes or for emailing an invoice to a client.
      2. Pre-Bills. Invoices can be printed as pre-bills or actual invoices. This allows you to proof and make any necessary changes to your invoice before you print the final version, as we also rolled out…
      3. Ledger Integration. Your matter ledger now gets debited whenever you create an invoice. This saves you the critical step of recording the money owed by your client. And now, from your billing screen, your ledger summary is immediately visible, letting you know exactly where you stand on a matter!

      Please give the features a spin and let us know what you think!

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