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    Rocket Matter Updates: User Management, Navigation, & Company Creation


      Tonight we updated Rocket Matter with a number of upgrades. These include but are not limited to:

      1. Improved user management: it’s now much easier to add and edit users. Click on “Manage Users” at the top of your page, and click on a user to change settings. The “Create User” links walks you through the process of creating new users.
      2. Cleaner navigation: we made the right-hand side navigation much more consistent throughout the application, to help you find features and manage your practice in a more intuitive way.
      3. Automatic company creation: When you create a contact and add a company for that user, a new Company record will be created if it doesn’t exist. This feature will enable you to easily keep track of your contacts and their companies.

      We also addressed the following issues:

      1. Eliminated carriage return characters in Calendar Event titles from displaying on the User Dashboard and the firm-wide calendar.

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