Get an In-Depth Look at Rocket Matter's Insurance Defense Module

by rocketmatter-admin October 9, 2018

Here at Rocket Matter, we’re excited about the release of our Insurance Defense Module, part of our latest Braavos edition and the first of many practice area-specific add-ons to come!
For Insurance Defense law firms, this bundle provides major improvements to existing workflows, allowing them to streamline their billing, minimize errors, and reduce invoice rejection. Here’s an in-depth breakdown of all of the robust features that busy firms can expect with our newest Insurance Defense module:

Customizable LEDES Invoice Field Mapping

Our customizable LEDES headers allow users to specify field mappings by client or for all matters simultaneously.
custom LEDES

Enter LEDES Codes Nearly Anywhere You Bill for Time

With our Insurance Defense module, LEDES codes are now part of our Bill-as-you-Work™ technology, allowing you to capture time from timers, tasks, calendar events, document uploads, and more. You can also capture LEDES codes while working in Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word via Rocket Matter’s free Office 365 plugin.
add ledes where you bill for time

Audit LEDES Invoices and Identify Common Rejection Errors with the Push of a Button

Invoice rejection can prevent Insurance Defense law firms from collecting upwards of 30% of their annual revenue. With our new intelligent invoice analysis, you can quickly identify and fix common rejection errors before your invoices are submitted.
LEDES audit mode

Bundle a PDF Version of Your Invoices with Your LEDES File

Insurance Defense firms can now bundle a human-readable PDF file along with their LEDES file, you so always know what you’re sending.
human-readable LEDES file
Want to learn more about our new Insurance Defense Module? Schedule a free demo today!

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