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    Rocket Matter’s Updated iPhone Legal Software


      For all of you mobile lawyers, and your ranks are certainly growing, we’ve made our native legal iphone app even better for you.
      Yesterday marked our second upgrade to our Rocket Matter iPhone legal software, fixing stability issues, and making the app more convenient and usable. It’s available for free download for Rocket Matter subscribers at the iTunes store.

      If you’re not an existing Rocket Matter customer, you’ll need to sign up for an account. Once you do, you’ll be able to bill from anywhere, offline or online, check your calendar, add contacts, and check your matter statuses at anytime.
      If you like the app, give us a nice review!
      Our philosophy with our legal mobile app is to give you easy access to the most commonly used features of Rocket Matter, based on extensive customer research. Of course, if you need access to the full suite of legal practice management and time and billing software, you can always use Safari, Chrome, or other mobile web browser.
      Our list of improvements include:
      Usability Improvements
      – Matter Details screen is updated automatically when adding billable time from phone
      – Related Contacts and data for Matter screen displays full text
      – Login screen is skipped when 4-digit passcode is enabled
      – Additional validations when adding data
      Calendar Functionality
      – Calendar Day and Month tabs now in sync
      – Search fixed on Add Attendees screen when adding a new event
      – Matter Ledger Balance is available in offline mode
      – Timer now runs in background so you can continue working on other tasks as you time your work.
      – Validation added to check for duplicate contacts when adding a new contact
      – Fixed issue in adding Fax Number and Home Phone for Contacts

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