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      project management

      Do you want your business to grow? Do you want actionable business intelligence, increased efficiency, and better organization?

      If you answered “Yes!” to either of these questions (and, frankly, who wouldn’t?) then project management is something you should definitely consider.

      Legal project management involves thoroughly defining the client engagement at the outset with a plan, executing and actively managing that plan, and closing that matter at the end with some additional time for evaluation. You’re probably doing some of this already in the form of checklists, spreadsheets, departmentalizing your practice areas or case phases, doing periodic reviews of files, or tracking time spent on your matters for billing and productivity purposes. What may be missing is a structure for all of these separate functions. Proper project management also allows you to identify root problems in the firm such as bottlenecks and process deficiencies. It can also supply the data to make improvements.

      Better yet, when you leverage technology to manage your caseload, you can automate the flow of projects, which saves time and money! That’s why Rocket Matter recently launched Rocket Project Management which allows our firms to customize project workflows.

      What are some other benefits of legal project management? Here are just a few:

      1. It provides a competitive advantage. You’ll be able to get proposals to potential new clients and will have the infrastructure to manage the matter and your client’s expectations according to your agreement.
      2. When clients are prepared and have an understanding of how a project will be handled by your office, fee disputes and write-offs are rare.
      3. Project management improves your training and development of lawyers and support staff, which results in a sense of cohesiveness in your firm. That, in turn, only improves communication and collaboration as well.

      More specifically, Rocket Project Management allows our users to automate workflows and process documentation through our powerful matter templates functionality. This frees members of your team from ongoing, time-consuming administrative tasks. Our technology also allows you to track projects across practice areas and matter types, which gives you new KPIs you may not have had easy access to before, like the amount of time a case spends in a particular phase. These new reports allow you to take informed action on improving processes and increasing efficiency. Such technology allows you to think more strategically about your firm because of real-time aggregated data, and it helps you easily spot bottlenecks and process problems.

      There are a ton of project management tools out there, but Rocket Project Management lives in an ecosystem where all of your other case-related data already lives. You and your team will benefit from having one centralized location to be able to assess productivity, profitability, and volume, without the extra work of putting the full picture together from multiple sources. In other words, properly implemented legal project management provides actionable business intelligence that will give you the power to improve your firm over time.

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