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    Save Time and Grow with Streamlined Client Intake

    Save Time and Grow with Streamlined Client Intake

      Your law firm’s intake process sets the tone for your ongoing client-attorney relationship, so why not start strong? 

      Timely responses, informative onboarding, and a focus on client experience demonstrate your appreciation to new clients, and could even lead to a referral down the road. Streamlined client intake benefits more than your clients, though. It also frees up your time to focus on billable client work, which supports your firm’s long-term growth.  

      Legal client relationship management (CRM) software addresses client intake challenges directly, so you can easily balance your time workload with new clients’ needs.  

      The result? An intake process where everyone wins! 

      Challenge: intake takes time 

      You’re probably mindful of protecting your own time. Remember that your clients are busy, too.  

      Being forced to provide contact, billing, and matter information more than once is frustrating, and gives new clients the impression that you’re in no rush to get to work. The resulting “Groundhog Day” feeling can push clients toward working with another firm.  

      Not to mention, asking potential clients to repeat themselves on multiple forms increases the risk of data entry mistakes that could bring work on their matter to a grinding halt later on. 

      The solution: logic-based intake forms and document automation  

      Benefits to clients 

      Custom fields adapt to adjust to previous responses, so clients only have to answer questions directly related to their matter. As information is entered into logic-based intake forms, document automation software stores it for later use in marketing communications and legal documents. 

      With the proper setup, logic-based intake forms can pre-qualify clients, so they find out faster whether your firm is the right fit for their legal needs. If it’s not, they’re able to continue their search sooner. (You can even use this as an opportunity to support your referral network—send clients who aren’t quite the right fit for your practice to an attorney that might better meet their needs.) 

      Benefits to attorneys 

      Pre-screening with logic-based intake forms allows your firm to spend less time chasing the wrong leads and takes the brunt of intake off of experienced staff’s shoulders. Leveraging modern technology also starts the attorney-client relationship on the right foot and decreases data entry errors. 

      Of course, your clients will also speak highly of your firm after receiving a personalized, timely intake experience.  

      Challenge: slow response times 

      Once a potential client reaches out, the clock starts ticking. Responding in under 5 minutes increases the likelihood that a potential client will proceed with your firm by 100 times 

      Of course, providing such rapid-fire responses and staying focused on revenue-generating client work simultaneously is impossible.   

      The solution: automated texts 

      Benefits to clients 

      Because automated texts can be personalized with the information collected by your logic-based intake form, your client is more likely to feel seen and heard.  

      If a consultation is appropriate, scheduling and confirming it via text message is more convenient than playing phone or email tag. Plus, potential clients who receive a “what to expect” text after filling out your contact form are more likely to be available when you have time for a follow-up call. 

      Benefits to attorneys 

      Instant, automated text responses allow you to respond to potential clients within the golden five-minute window, no matter how busy you are. This reduces the likelihood they’ll move on to a more responsive firm.

      Clients can respond to automated invitations to schedule a consultation without requiring you to manually prescreen them.  

      And, of course, there’s no chance an automated text will wind up lost forever in a potential client’s spam folder.  

      Challenge: collecting signatures is burdensome 

      Document automation makes drafting and sending fee agreements easy, but the paperwork doesn’t mean anything without a signature. Traveling across town to collect a wet ink signature is so pre-pandemic, though. And neither you nor your clients have time to wait on the mail. 

      The solution: one-click eSignatures  

      Benefits to clients 

      Your clients appreciate control over their legal matters—and even more so over their time. One-click eSignatures empower new clients to sign important documents when, where, and how it’s most convenient for them.  

      As an added bonus, many eSignature platforms include built-in high-level security for extra peace of mind when sharing personal information 

      Benefits to attorneys 

      You can breathe easy: eSignatures are legally binding, just like traditional signatures. The primary difference is that they can be obtained almost instantly, leaving more time for billable tasks.  

      (Of course, saving the time and money that would be spent printing, signing, and scanning paper documents is also a nice bonus, too.) 

      Challenge: the onboarding process distracts from client work  

      You need to provide the same basic information about your firm to every new client, but emailing or explaining it by phone is time-consuming. And manually keeping track of which client is at which stage of the onboarding process is bewildering.  

      “Has Ms. Robinson signed the fee agreement yet?”  

      “Does Mr. Rodrigeuz have access to the client portal yet?” [Text Wrapping Break] 

      And on it goes…  

      This kind of confusion quickly leads to losing clients before work on their matter can even begin.  

      Solution: automated email drip campaigns 

      Benefits to clients 

      When clients are well-educated about your firm’s policies and procedures, it’s easier for them to trust that you’ll manage their legal matters responsibly. Plus, when information about the firm’s billing processes, client portal, and late fee policy is delivered in digestible bites, they’re more likely to retain it. And if they don’t? It’s easily accessible 24/7 via a quick search of their inbox.  

      Benefits to attorneys 

      Automated drip campaigns allow you to send every client a heartfelt “welcome” and “thank you” without stopping work to type it. With the right document automation and data entry features, these messages can be easily personalized, making them even more effective.  

      Plus, automation makes it much easier to track where each client is in the onboarding process.  

      Rocket Matter makes client intake more effective, efficient, and—yes—enjoyable!  

      Balancing client and attorney needs throughout the intake process is easy with the right tools on your side.  

      Rocket Matter meets your most common intake challenges with fully-integrated features specifically designed for law firms, making life easier for you and your clients.  

      Schedule your personalized demo to learn more today.

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