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    Keep Your Inbox Clear By Sending Task-Based Emails To Evernote


      Is your inbox burdened with an ever expanding list of emails waiting for your response? Send them to Evernote and keep your inbox clear.
      Emails pile on top of other emails and eventually get pushed to page two, never to be read (again). The trick to effectively managing email – and tasks, generally – is to act on them immediately: delete, answer or forward.
      But some emails require more thought or work before responding. Instead of clogging up your inbox, use Evernote to manage those task-based emails.

      Your Evernote Email

      When you sign up for Evernote, the note-taking, project-managing, information-gathering, experience-archiving (I could go on) application, a unique email is assigned. Click on “Account Info” on the desktop version (“Settings” on the web) to find your Evernote email address.

      Assign email to specific notebook

      Evernote is organized by notebooks (folders), notes and tags. Let’s say you created a notebook called “email” with tags, “personal” and “work.” Evernote makes it easy to get your email into the corresponding notebook: simply enter @ symbol for notebook and # sign for tags in the subject line of the email you’re forwarding and it will become a note in your “email” notebook. The subject line of the original email (which you can edit) becomes the title of the new note in Evernote.
      Here’s a subject line example: Slides for next month’s presentation @email #work
      A few tips from Evernote on this useful feature:

      • This functionality only works for existing notebooks and tags
      • At this time, you cannot create new notebooks or tags with this feature
      • In the subject line, always put the note title first, then add any notebooks or tags
      • This feature will not work for notebook names that contain an ‘@’ or a ‘#’, and it will not work for tags that contain a ‘#’ in their name.

      The email-to-Evernote feature saves lots of time and frustration by allowing me to focus on tasks and to-do lists without the constant interruption of a busy email inbox.
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