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    Seth Rowland of TechnoLawyer Reviews Rocket Matter


      Seth Rowland, a leading legal technology expert and President & Founder of Basha Systems, wrote a comprehensively review Rocket Matter for TechnoLawyer.  We thank Seth for taking his considerable time to evaluate our product.  

      What resulted was a  comprehensive article, much deeper and insightful than just a review of features.  Seth really understood our product decisions and their impact on usability and efficiency.  If you’re subscribed already, you’ll recognize the typical TechnoLawyer balance and nuance when you read the article in its entirety.  Here are some of our favorite quotes from the article:

      The seeming magic in the design comes from an understanding of how users use the system.

      With Rocket Matter, one gets the sense that the program has anticipated your wish before you even formulated it and presented you with an option.

      I didn’t realize the power of the system until I used it over a period of months. As I added more data, more clients, and more matters, the system seemed to come alive.

      As you do each task in Rocket Matter, count the number of keystrokes and mouse clicks. You will likely find a 50% or greater reduction over most desktop applications in the number of clicks it takes to accomplish any task.

      The monthly fee represents 15 minutes of an attorney’s time and 30 minutes of a secretary or paralegal’s time. The dashboard makes this possible.

      RocketMatter has a very clear view on billing — EVERYTHING is billable. Every item, from tasks, to notes, to documents has a “bill” link or a bill checkbox.

      Thanks again to Seth Rowland and TechnoLawyer for their Rocket Matter review and write-up!

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