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    Seven Ways to Make Your Law Firm More Efficient – The Video


      Readers of Legal Productivity know we’ve been hard at work on an online continuing legal education platform which we’re calling RocketCLE. It’s an extension of our educational and content philosophy embodied by this blog, our webinar series, and our Legal Productivity e-book.

      UPDATE: RocketCLE is now Rocket Academy.

      Today, RocketCLE is formally launched to the rest of the world. We’ll be at the LegalTech conference in New York the next couple of days talking it up, and each day this week we’ll explore ideas from our first five videos.

      Our original video, “Seven Ways to Make Your Law Firm More Efficient”, contains much of the content we discuss here. It’s a lecture (featuring yours truly in what looks like the set from 24) interspersed with pathetic yet sometimes successful attempts at humor.

      Here’s a bit about “Seven Ways”:

      Many law firms can provide better, more error-free service to their clients and bring in more money to their firm by embracing time-tested productivity and efficiency principals.

      In this CLE, we examine excellent productivity methods to reduce mistakes and wasted time and improve the operations of law firms. In addition, modern office work can be incredibly difficult, with myriad electronic devices competing for our attention. Email, tweets, Facebook – all of these distract us from the work at hand and can leave people feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

      We’ll examine how to minimize these interruptions, prioritize work, communicate clearly with others, in an enjoyable and hour-long session. The Seven Ways are:

      1) Embrace the Tomato
      2) Go Paperless
      3) Standardize Repeatable Processes
      4) Use Agile Project Management
      5) Learn the GTD System
      6) Use Mind Maps
      7) Batch Process Email and Electronic Communication.

      Oh, and here’s a freebie, number eight:

      8) Avoid traveling to the northeast by airplane in the winter.

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