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    Shelter Animals of the Week: Annabella and Penny


      Shelter Animals of the Week

      It’s no secret we love animals here at Rocket Matter. Collectively, we have given many dogs, cats, bunnies, a turtle, a bird, and even a boa constrictor a home. However, we know not all animals are so lucky. Millions of loving creatures are living in shelters, often lacking attention, love, and care. That’s why we want to help out! With our new series—Shelter Animals of the Week–we’ll feature a new pet you can adopt. Of course, not all of them will be in your area, but maybe you know someone who can provide a home.
      The bigger idea is that, hopefully, our Pets of the Week will help remind you to contact your local shelter next time you’re looking for a pet.
      Remember, lawyers deal with a lot of stress and having a pet can make people happy and reduce anxiety. So if you’re a lawyer, it just makes sense: Get a pet!
      This week’s shelter pets:
      Annabella, an 11-week-old Rottweiler Mix at the San Diego Humane Society (Oceanside Campus.) Her ID# is #245827.

      Here’s what the San Diego Humane Society has to say about this sweet girl:
      The staff all agree, I am just about one of the most precious puppies they have ever seen! I’m very playful, wiggly, and full of energy like most other puppies, but I also have a special need. You see, I have a heart murmur and will require additional vet care. That means my heart has to work a little harder to do it’s job, however, it still can love you unconditionally and beat faster when you are holding me! Is your heart big enough to love me back?
      Someone else needs a home: Penny, a stunning 4-year-old domestic shorthair, at Austin Pets Alive! 
      Shelter Animals of the Week- Penny

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