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    Sick of your law office software? Move to Rocket Matter. We can import your data.


      If you’re like a lot of law practitioners you may feel trapped by your old legal software. It’s old, it’s clunky, it only works on PC’s – and it has all of your data captive.

      But guess what – if you join Rocket Matter,  we can help you get your data out!

      PC Law, Time Matters, Small Office Suite, and other legal practice management software offer Export-to-Excel or Export-to-CSV capabilities. And now, with Rocket Matter, that export file can do more than just gather dust – we can bring it in for you.

      All you have to do is supply a generic spreadsheet to us, and not only can you be up and running with Rocket Matter within a day, you can bring over all of your data. We can walk you through the process. It’s quick, and easy, and you’ll be up and running before you know it.

      Contact us, and make sure you ask us about our data migration capabilities.

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