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    Social Media Security: Keeping Your Accounts Secure


      Your social media accounts are vulnerable to online and offline intruders. But you can keep the bad guys out by making sure that your accounts are secure as possible. Here are a few tips:
      1. Use strong and unique passwords – Create a complex and unique password for each social media account. See: 3 Steps To A More Secure Password. If you have trouble remembering your growing list of complex passwords, consider using a password manager. I started using 1Password a year ago and highly recommend it.
      2. When in doubt, don’t click – Of course you won’t click on a link in a direct message on Twitter that says, “somebody is saying horrible things about you,” “There is a rumor going around about you,” or similar. Nor would you click on a link to a sketchy looking video on Facebook. But for the less obvious spammy links – and certainly for those that ask you to download something – if you’re skeptical, don’t click on it.
      3. Monitor third party apps – Check regularly for third party apps that have access to your account. If you no longer need the app, revoke access. I do this regularly with Twitter, and don’t accept third party apps on Facebook. No games, no “find nearby friends”, no birthday…apps.
      4. Enable 2-step verification – 2-step verification provides an extra layer of security. Enable it on accounts that support it, like Facebook and Google.
      5. Secure your phone, tablet and laptop – Make sure that your mobile devices, including your laptop, are password protected in case they are stolen or lost.
      6. Use HTTPS – Always use the encryption-enabling https protocol when accessing your social media accounts via a browser on public networks.
      7. Log out of accounts – If you’re accessing your accounts via a browser, log out when you’re done. This has the added benefit of keeping the social networks from tracking your browsing activity. I log in and out of my accounts each time I use them. This amounts to several times a day, but the hassle is worth the security.
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