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    A Twist to Speed Up Your Morning Stand-Up Meetings


      In Try Daily Stand-Ups For Law Firm Project Management, we discussed how law firm departments can use morning stand-up meetings – or scrum, as the Agile software development process is called – to provide status and progress updates to the team.
      A stand-up is when team members hold daily meetings, standing up, usually in the same location and at the same time, and ideally, in the morning. Meetings should not exceed 15 minutes and remote members who are participating via GoToMeeting or some other communication tool, also stand. (The discomfort of standing keeps meetings short.) Each member says what they did yesterday, what they’re doing today and what, if anything, is in their way.
      Thing is, teams can get bloated and assignments exhaustive, bogging down what should be a crisp, quick morning routine, defeating the spirit of what stand-ups are meant to be. Tally the extra 10-15 minutes over the course of weeks and months and that’s leaving a lot of productivity at the door.
      A solution we tried was to eliminate “what we did yesterday.” This requires trust that each team member completed yesterday’s tasks, or if unable to, moved it to the current day’s tasks. This has worked out better than expected. Morning stand-ups are snappy and productive and we’ve become a team that informs rather than police each other.
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