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    Stunning New Law Firm Website Launch: Ausman Law Firm, PC LLO


      Rocket Matter Internet Marketing Services is proud to unveil their latest client website, Ausman Law Firm, PC LLO, a team of former insurance defense lawyers who now focus on personal injury law in Nebraska and Iowa.

      Their Website

      The Ausman Law Firm is a no frills, no nonsense firm with traditional values. We wanted to accentuate this by creating a clean, structured website that relied on informative content and not over-the-top visuals. Engaging images of the attorneys are prominent on the home page to evoke a quick and powerful emotional response. The trademark blue color from the firm’s logo is repeated throughout the site to reflect a sense of calm and reliability and also to reinforce the firm’s branding.
      The homepage also features the firm’s marketing video. Videos are a phenomenal way for law firms to create a great first impression with potential clients, and studies have shown that they create a longer lasting impact than words and photos.

      Twitter Design

      For the Ausman Law Firm, we designed the social media to reflect the look of website to create branding consistency. You’ll find that the same clean, structured look is prevalent throughout each of the firm’s social media accounts. The images of the attorneys takes center stage to give potential clients insight into the professional yet playful nature of the firm, while the tagline serves to reinforce the firm’s expertise.

      Facebook Design

      We added a colored background to the social media images to help the cover art stand out and to make sure that we didn’t overwhelm with too much white space. The tranquil blue color also reinforces the firm’s branding.

      Mobile Responsive

      Ausman Law Firm’s new website is mobile responsive, much like every other website we’ve designed. Regardless of whether you view the site on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, the site will automatically conform to the size of the screen. This ensures that every client who visits the firm’s website will receive the same user experience and content.

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