Subscribing to your Rocket Matter Calendar with iCal

by rocketmatter-admin December 16, 2008

Using a Mac? The wonderful calendaring application iCal allows you to subscribe to your Rocket Matter calendar, providing you with offline access.

1) In iCal, from the Calendar menu, pick “Subscribe”.
2) A popup window will appear. In the “Calendar URL:” field, paste the address of your Rocket Matter calendar. A Product Specialist can provide you with your Calendar URL for RM.
3) A detailed screen will appear after a brief status bar. Choose a good name for your Calendar, such as “My Name RM”.
4) Choose an “Auto-Refresh” interval. Selecting 5 mins will force iCal to refresh your Rocket Matter calendar every 5 minutes, which is the maximum.
5) Hit OK – your new calendar will show up in the left-hand calendar pane.

Anytime you want to force iCal to refresh the subscription, Ctrl-Click or Right-Click on top of your RM calendar in the left-hand calendar pane and choose “Refresh”.

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