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    Tasks are Here! And How to Implement a Legal Getting Things Done System


      Today, Rocket Matter is very pleased to announce the roll-out of a major product upgrade: tasks!

      A total rewrite of our existing to-do lists, tasks help attorneys take their productivity to new levels.

      With the new task functionality, you’re able to integrate tags (a more powerful form of keywords), into your tasks so you can more easily describe and organize them. In addition, the new tasking functionality provides the following:

      • *  The ability to assign tasks to other employees and track their progress.
      • *  A simple way of assigning due dates to tasks, which are then easily viewable on the user dashboard and highlight as as due dates near or expire.
      • *  Filtering capabilities that help users quickly find and organize tasks, which, in turn, can easily be converted to billable activities.
      • *  Drag and drop organizing that allows users to prioritize tasks.
      • *  New, intuitive icons and an elegant look and feel that makes the product easy to use.

      To celebrate our roll-out, we’re conducting a weeklong Legal efficiency-fest. Yesterday, we introduced the Getting Things Done productivity system at a high level, including its advantages and general ideas.  Each day, from here to the end of the week, we’ll write guest posts at prominent legal blogs exploring the system in more detail.

      In a profession such as law, where time is quite literally money and losing track of tasks and events incurs significant penalties, an organizational system such as GTD is key.  The current economic downturn places even more emphasis on streamlining operations and gaining efficiencies.

      Granted, you may have your own system that works wonders.  But if “the art of stress-free productivity”, as the GTD book is subtitled, seems compelling, and you’re wondering what exactly GTD is, take a look at my first post here.  But let’s say you’re ready to take the plunge.  How do you start?

      The good news is, you don’t need your entire firm’s buy-in.  You can come up with your own GTD system just fine.

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