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    Testimonial- How Spaulding Injury Law Reduced Errors and Boosted Their Efficiency with Rocket Matter


      Looking to move away from antiquated old-school systems, Spaulding Injury Law transitioned to Rocket Matter legal practice management and never looked back.

      Firm Name: Spaulding Injury Law

      Practice Areas: Injury Law

      Firm Size: 2 Attorneys

      Personal Injury Law From Day One

      Right out of law school, Ted Spaulding found a job as a law clerk at an Atlanta-based boutique practice to try to gain some experience. Once there, he fell in love with the personal injury side of law.

      “I’m a big people person, so that’s what I really enjoyed: Getting to know these clients and really almost being their counselor,” says Ted Spaulding. “I gravitated to spending time with clients and just talking to them, which is the kind of personal stuff that a lot of lawyers don’t like.”

      Once he became full-time, Ted got his hands dirty going into court and doing all the things that most young lawyers don’t get a chance to do until many years into their careers.

      “I was just in there, working personal injury cases for plaintiffs from day one, and I’ve done it ever since.”

      Building His Own Personal Injury Practice

      After eight years working for a different personal injury firm in Cumming, Georgia, Ted Spaulding had the itch to break out and start his own firm. He made his goal a reality when he founded Spaulding Injury Law in 2018. At that point, he began the search for a legal practice management solution that was both intuitive and easy to use.

      “The software that we had for billing, intake, the client system, and all of that my prior firm was very antiquated. It was old-school. It wasn’t a good fit for the personal injury practice,” says Ted Spaulding.

      Not to mention that his prior software created a ton of headaches and mistakes in tracking IOTLA money, something that his firm needs to do regularly.

      Rocket Matter Legal Practice Management Checked all the Boxes

      After using Rocket Matter legal practice management software, Ted quickly realized that he found what he was looking for: a plug-and-play solution that his staff could learn quickly and easily.

      “We tried Rocket Matter and fell in love with it right away because it was very intuitive. You don’t have to be a computer whiz to figure it out. It has the perfect amount of bells and whistles without being overwhelming.”

      Rocket Matter also helped Spaulding Injury Law streamline their workflows, reduce errors, and lessen the amount of time spent on each case.

      “We can just pull up Rocket Matter and see our files and all of our case details. Previously, we had a high rate of errors and had to spend extra time at the end of each case trying to see if everything in our system added up. And we’re doing none of that anymore. “

      It’s the Little Things

      One of Ted’s favorite features of Rocket Matter is the invoicing system. More specifically, being able to show disbursements and keeps track of a ton of smaller expenses, including medical records, postage, etc.

      “That’s where we were having a lot of errors in the past. We would have double entries and those sorts of things. With Rocket Matter it’s easy to keep a full expense report, and that’s critical because we like to give a copy to the client. Since it’s coming out of their settlement or verdict, it’s important that they are able to see what their case expenses are.”

      Saving Time and Money

      Why would Spaulding Injury Law recommend Rocket Matter to other attorneys having trouble running their firms?

      “You’re getting back multiple folds of what you’re spending in a given year just with efficiency. There’s less staff time that you’re having to pay for. And then number two is the competitive pricing for it: You don’t have to be a massive law firm with a huge budget to be able to use Rocket Matter. You’re going to ultimately save, and therefore, make more money by having this program.”

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