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    The iPad 2 : Cool New Tablet Features for Attorneys


      Steve Jobs took the stage today, braving whatever mysterious illness ails him, to announce the features of the new iPad, or iPad 2. Last year Apple broke the tablet market wide open, and since then competing devices started popping up like a nuclear-powered Whack-A-Mole game, totally dominating the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.

      So the iPad 2 has to be good, as in Rocky-rematches-and-beats-Apollo good, or Fredo-gets-whacked good, or Luke-loses-a-hand-to-his-father good. You get the idea. Otherwise, it’ll lose ground to the new swarms of competition.

      For those of you who patiently waited, or those of you who dropped $500 last year and don’t mind doing it again, here’s what you’ll get:

      * Front and rear-facing cameras. This will allow grandparents to see the grandkids without effort – a killer feature for older and/or technically unsavvy lawyers. Video depos made easy!
      * Smaller device: 1/3 thinner than the original and weighs up to 15% less. Still sounds like it might be heavy enough to trigger “iPad Neck”, but a step in the right direction nonetheless.
      * Faster processing: New dual-core chip technology, called A5, will process video 9 times faster.
      * More colors: You can get a white iPad 2, and get ready to see a bunch of crazy looking colors on airplanes and courtrooms – the iPad 2 comes with new colorful polyurethane and leather covers that Jobs is all crazy about.
      * 3G Models can connect either via AT&T or Verizon, so if one or the other provider has poor reception at the courthouse…badabing.

      Tablets are definitely an exciting technology and are becoming a powerful business tool. And for the fans of legal web applications out there, a perfect way for you to get some work done with a slick new device.

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