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    The Mac Lawyer: Pros and Cons of Web-Based Software for Attorneys


      Ben Stevens, The Mac Lawyer, is a Rocket Matter user. As such he uses web-based legal software on a daily basis.  Today on his blog Ben wrote a great piece entitled “Pros & Cons of Web-Based Software for Attorneys”, where he discusses Rocket Matter, GMail, and Evernote.

      From his post, I’ll list the pros!  But make sure you click here to read the full post, I think it’s very insightful for someone who’s a veteran in using Internet-based legal software:

      • It “just works.” With SaaS, you avoid the headaches of installation and maintenance. As long as you have an Internet connection and a web browser (like Internet Explorer), using your software is as simple as logging in. Furthermore, most SaaS products have been built with usability as a high priority, making them easy to learn and use.
      • Mac friendly. Because SaaS products operate through the web browser, they usually run just as well on a Mac as they do on Windows.
      • Mobility. Traditional software is tied to the computer it’s installed on. If you don’t have your computer with you, you don’t have your software. With SaaS, your software is available anywhere that you have an Internet connection–your home, a relative’s home over the holidays, even the train via a Smartphone. This can be particularly helpful if you’re forced from your office due to a natural disaster like a flood or hurricane.
      • Lower up-front costs. Add the price of software licenses, new servers and other hardware, and the hourly rates of the consultants needed to put it all together, and buying traditional software can be tremendously expensive. Most SaaS products require a relatively low monthly fee for each user and can be cancelled at any time.

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