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    The New Legal Productivity LinkedIn Group


      Announcing a great new community for small and solo law practitioners. Join us!

      You’re familiar with our Legal Productivity blog, brought to you by the gang at Rocket Matter. We cover a range of topics from cloud computing and mobile to social media, and of course, productivity – issues that affect today’s lawyers, particularly solo practitioners and small law firms.

      We love and appreciate our community here on the blog, but we also want to take our message to other communities, like our Facebook Page and Twitter stream.

      And now, the formation of a LinkedIn Legal Productivity group, where we will bring and put into practice, our mission: to provide creative and useful insights into the business of law and have fun doing so.

      Our Legal Productivity LinkedIn Group is a forum for sharing ideas and engaging in conversation. We wish to help people navigate the truth and the myths when it comes to new and complex topics, which all to frequently suffer from an abundance of quackery, herd mentality, and misconceptions.

      Topics of discussion will include:

      • Alternative fee arrangements
      • Social Media and marketing 2.0
      • Mobile Apps
      • Productivity tools and wellness tips

      There are two types of categories for Groups on LinkedIn – open and closed. We’re wide open, so stop by and join our LinkedIn Legal Productivity conversation and let’s make this a dynamic, engaging community.

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