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    The Philosophy Behind Our Inflatable ABA Techshow Chair


      Our booth at ABA Techshow was a hit. We heard third-hand from someone who looks important that they overheard someone say:

      Rocket Matter has the coolest booth I’ve seen in the history of ABA Techshow.

      We bought a cool new table, which added a touch of class, and our hot new inflatable chair we bought from Amazon for $30 was exceedingly comfortable.

      The reason we purchased the chair was to avoid paying $130 per day for a cocktail chair. Expo show prices are notoriously exorbitant: if you thought $6 for a mini-bar Red Bull was bad, try swallowing $12 per day to rent a waste basket. This is not a joke.

      For an operation like ours where the founders are still very active and we pride ourselves on our ruthless efficiency, paying these fees is totally out of the question. As a result, we ended up with our inflatable chair which was a conversation piece, a necessary bastion of comfort, and a money saver all in one.

      Allison Shields of LegalEase Consulting (and Rocket Matter webinar host) sat in it. Detroit litigator Randy Juip sat in it. Even Justin Bieber sat in it.

      Also, so you know, we also took a trip to Office Depot and purchased a $5 waste basket. Pictures below:

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