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    Tip: Recharge Your Thinking with an Analog Vacation


      I’ve heard about people “going off the grid” or taking an “analog vacation” to purge themselves of all things digital. Now that “The Shallows” made its forceful case for the unparalleled “scatterbraining” power of the Internet, look for more Facebook status updates from your friends and colleagues going AWOL online.

      As a provider of web-based, mission critical legal software, I figured it would be an impossible thing for me personally. Between clients, engineering, and marketing initiatives, there’s a lot to keep track of.

      As hooked as I am on the Internet, and as much as I love my gadgets, I attempted to put them aside for a week on my recent vacation. I was determined not to look at a screen, or as The Onion calls them, “Glowing Rectangles”, during my R & R. So I brought along some books (actual paper books – with pages), and unplugged.

      Did I succeed? Yes, for the most part. I checked my email twice to look for anything urgent and clear out the cruft so I wouldn’t be underwater when I came back, forcing myself NOT to respond to anything unless critical. And I used Google Maps not to get lost and find some restaurants.

      Most importantly, my ability to take a (mostly) analog vacation is completely built upon the trust I have for others in our organization and their complete competence to run autonomously. As Allison Shields put it in our webinar on “How to Avoid a Lawyer Meltdown”, controlling quality of life is tied directly to the ability to delegate.

      And I’m lucky to work with some of the most talented people I’ve ever met at Rocket Matter, leaving me free to relax, take some fresh air, and plug back in with full force.

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