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    Top 10 Legal Writing Blogs


      As content continues to explode across the web, writing sites have sprung up to help writers write well.
      Offerings range from grammar tips to humorous ancedotes. Many are useful, while others join the scrap heap of no-longer-updated (or read) sites. While fine sites for writers abound – like Grammar Girl, Copyblogger, and Daily Writing Tips – useful legal writing sites are not as common.
      So we went hunting and culled the top blogs (we chose regularly and recently updated blogs rather than static sites for this list) that cover writing for lawyers and legal professionals.
      Here’s our top-10 legal writing blogs:
      1. Law Prose – Daily tips and lessons from lawyer and lexicographer, Bryan Garner, author of several books about English usage and style, including Garner’s Modern American Usage and Elements of Legal Style. He is the editor-in-chief of Black’s Law Dictionary.
      2. Write to the Point – 30 tips and counting, from the creator of Wordrake, editing software for lawyers.
      3. The New Legal Writer – Lawyer Raymond Ward offers up a collection of tips and resources for lawyers and other writers.
      4. Legal Writing – Comprehensive grammar and style tips from Wayne Schiess, who directs the legal-writing program at the University of Texas School of Law and teaches legal writing, legal drafting, and plain English.
      5. Legal Writing Prof Blog – Long-time blog (since 2005!) with legal writing news from law school academics.
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      6. Lawyerist – The law practice blog has a popular series on legal writing authored by lawyer/writers Andy Mergendahl, Matthew Salzwedel, Chris Bradley, and others.
      7. Adams on Contract Drafting – This blog is authored by Ken Adams, a lawyer who wrote A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting.
      8. Marie Buckley’s Blog (A Lawyer’s Guide to Writing) – Writing tips by Marie Buckley, lawyer, legal writing coach, and author of The Lawyer’s Essential Guide to Writing: Proven Tools and Techniques.
      9. Lady (Legal) Writer – Megan E. Boyd, an adjunct professor of legal writing at Mercer University Walter F. George School of Law, offers up grammar, style and proof-reading tips.
      10. A Brief Grammar for Lawyers – OK, this is not a blog, and neither is The Law Student’s Guide to Good Writing, but these two guides offer a quick look at the rules of punctuation and grammar.
      Have other favorite legal writing blogs? Please let us know in the comments below. Thanks.
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