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    Top 7 New Years Resolutions for Lawyers in 2022


      Did you know that only 8% of people actually follow through and achieve success with their New Year’s resolutions? As a busy lawyer, sticking to realistic resolutions can go a long way to help keep you and your law practice strong and profitable. Check out these seven (totally achievable) resolutions for lawyers:

      1. Take Care of Yourself

      The pandemic really took a toll on our mental health (and not just lawyers!). ALM's 2021 Mental Health and Substance Abuse Survey reported that a greater proportion of lawyers reported instances of mental health troubles in 2020 as compared to 2019. Thirty-seven percent of respondents said they felt depressed (as compared to 31% the previous year), while 71% said they experienced anxiety (up from 64% the previous year).

      Reasons for this decline in mental health range from the isolation of working remotely to the increased pressure from clients. It's because of these alarming statistics that it's important to take time for yourself in 2022. Train for that 5K, book a monthly massage, get enough sleep, or make time to watch your favorite TV show. Take a look at this post from The Lawyers Depression Project on 10 quick self-care tips for lawyers.

      2. Connect with Your Coworkers

      Even though the pandemic has forced many of us to pivot to remote work, it's important to still connect with your co-workers. Make the most of those relationships with co-workers or employees. Try to grab lunch at least once a week with someone from the office (if you can safely do so). Have those Zoom happy hours. These people are more than just officemates. In many cases, they can wind up becoming good friends and mentors, so make an effort.

      3. Accept Credit Cards at Your Firm

      If you’re not accepting credit cards or eCheck payments, you’re missing out! A study by Intuit estimates that businesses that don’t accept credit cards lose out on approximately $7,000 in sales each year. Using an integrated payment processing solution like Rocket Matter Pay will also ensure that funds hit your account in as little as 12 hours! Not only can you help your clients by offering recurring billing and payment plans, but you'll make them happy by allowing them to rack up those frequent flier miles or cashback points. It's a win-win situation!

      4. Go Mobile

      Many of today's lawyers (especially those who practice family law) are not the types to sit in their offices all day drafting documents and contracts. Rather, their days are spent out and about in meetings, mediation, in court (when it's not virtual), or conversing with clients face to face. It's imperative that these lawyers use mobile technology in order to remain on top of their work.

      Legal practice management solutions like Rocket Matter offer mobile applications that are designed to help you run your law firm while out and about. With our robust mobile app, you'll have your case information at your fingertips, be able to track time and expenses on the go, scan important documents, and communicate directly with your colleagues via chat.

      5. Automate Your Practice

      If you haven't invested in legal software that will help you streamline your law firm, 2022 is the time to start! McKinsey Global estimates that 23% of a lawyer’s job can be automated with existing technology, which in turn would significantly reduce the time lawyers spend on non-billable work. Think about how much time and money you'll save with document automation functionality. automated billing and invoicing, and more! Legal practice management solutions such as Rocket Matter offer many of these impressive features for one low monthly price. Not sure where to start? Download our FREE eBook on law firm automation by clicking the button below.

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      6. Enjoy More Time Off

      Taking every second of your vacation time can actually make you more productive. It can also make your relationships stronger, improve your sex life, and relieve stress. Also, the 2010 Framingham Heart Study found that men who take vacations on a regular basis are 32% less likely to die from a heart attack, while women who do so are 50% less likely. Even the act of planning a vacation may be enough to boost happiness. Still not convinced? Take a look at this post from Allina Health that breaks down seven major health benefits of taking a vacation.

      7. Practice Gratitude

      Psychology research has shown that gratitude is directly linked to greater happiness. It helps people experience positive emotions, reflects on good experiences, improves their health, and much more! Practicing gratitude doesn't have to take precious time out of your day, either. All it takes is a few minutes: Each night (or morning) write down three to five things that you are grateful for each day, no matter how big or small they may be. Try to be as specific as possible to really help stimulate those positive feelings. Also, don't forget to say "thank you" to those you work closely with, as this small act of gratitude motivates others as well.

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