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    Top Five Ways to Make Working in the Summer More Enjoyable


      working during the summer

      Sure, we’re all adults now, but there’s still something in us that longs for the days when “summer” meant sleeping late, lazy days by the pool, and hanging with friends. Well, of course, most professions don’t allow for a three-month hiatus from June through August. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit more fun (and relaxation.)

      Here are some ways to do just that this summer:

      Give extra time off. Designate the Fridays before July 4th and Labor Day as half-days. And let people choose, say, three of four other Fridays they can take off a little early. It’s only a few hours here and there, but it makes a huge difference—it’s no secret that taking time off from work makes people more productive. So it’s a win-win.

      Celebrate the weekend. Yes, we’ve all accepted the fact that we no longer have true summer vacations like we did when we were in school. However, we can still get excited when it’s Friday and you’re so close to really enjoy the summer all weekend long. One office I worked in had margarita parties every Friday, but that was in New York City where no one was driving home from work. Sure, some offices will have to be sans alcohol, but afternoon ice cream parties go over well, too. You can also host Zoom happy hours on Friday afternoons if you have a more distributed team.

      Make it casual. Of course, if your workplace is formal–suits and dresses— this will be easier said than done. But consider taking it down a notch this summer. If men wear suits to the office, for instance, let them wear polo shirts and khakis instead (at least on Fridays.) Or take a cue from  Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, and let employees wear whatever they want.

      Get outside. Have a meeting with some colleagues? Take it to a local park. Business lunch? Ask for an outdoor table. Outdoor settings are still more preferred since the onset of the COVID pandemic, and with cloud-based practice management software such as Rocket Matter, you can really work from anywhere with an Internet connection. So get outside if the weather allows.

      Plan get-togethers. Summertime (and the easing of COVID restrictions) brings baseball games, outdoor concerts, days at the pool and the beach. Why not do it together? Planning activities outside the office is not only fun, but it also helps with team-building. And who wouldn’t want a stronger, more cohesive team? While movies and other inside activities may not be favorable, you can always try more out-of-the-box options such as Drive Shack or hiking or a potluck at a local park.

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