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    Top 10 Legal Productivity and Law Marketing Videos of 2014


      Rocket Academy contains more than three dozen videos on practice management, productivity, technology, and marketing. Here are the most popular legal videos of 2014.
      1. Marijuana Legalization – The Legal Ins and Outs for Cannabis Business Clients
      Practical advice attorneys and their marijuana business clients need to know. Presented by Hilary Bricken, an attorney with Canna Law Group and an editor of the Canna Law Blog.
      2. Using iPads in Your Law Practice
      Discover amazing apps that helps you keep up with the latest legal and other news, giving presentations and holding meetings, traveling, and tips and tricks on keeping your iPad secure. Presented by attorney Tom Mighell, author of iPad in One Hour for Lawyers.
      3. The Art of Storytelling in Court and Beyond
      Learn about the skills needed to become a good storyteller, including effective body language, voice inflection, hand movements, and strong opens and closes. Presented by Corey Saban, an award winning TV journalist and speaker.
      4. How to Get Started with Google+ For Your Law Practice
      Learn the basics of Google+, including how to get started, what to expect, how to find other lawyer friends and communities, appropriate posting techniques, and more! Presented by lawyers Stephan Futeral and Tina Willis.
      5. Design for Lawyers: How to be a Better Attorney with Visuals
      Walks though basic design concepts, mapping, and user psychology to learn about Usability, Information Architecture, and User Experience. Presented by Larry Port, Rocket Matter founder and CEO, speaker and award winning writer at the crossroads of the legal profession and cutting edge technology.
      6. SEO is Dead: Why You Can’t Rely on Search Engine Optimization for Your Law Firm Web Marketing
      You need a diversified approach to your online strategy: Learn how to assess your strengths and weaknesses, reassess your weapons, strategy, and tactics, and build a cohesive plan with some fresh thinking. Presented by Larry Port.
      7. Converting Website Trafic to Leads: Elements of a Killer Landing Page
      Learn how law firms can more effectively engage with prospective clients through the use of intelligently designed landing pages. Presented by Rocket Matter’s Mike Miceli and Tim Baran.
      8. Building a Strong Law Firm Brand
      Learn about the practical and psychological factors that go into creating brand elements like logos and tag lines, with examples of what works and what doesn’t. Presented by Rocket Matter’s Mike Miceli and Taylor TenBrook.
      9. Email Newsletters for Your Law Firm
      Learn about the elements that go into creating a dynamic, productive email newsletter. Presented by Larry Port.
      10. NSA Mass Spying and the Law
      Learn about controversial programs, how the Fourth and First Amendments might apply, litigation challenges and legislative proposals to reform the NSA and surveillance law. Presented by Cindy Cohn, executive director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
      Check out the full catalog of legal videos on Rocket Academy. Are there practice areas or topics not covered? Please leave your suggestions in the comments below and we’ll get on it.

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