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    Top Three Questions To Determine if Your Marketing Peeps Don’t Get Social Media


      You’re paying them thousands of dollars a month. They tell you they understand social media and how the blogosphere works. But can they really walk the walk? Here are three questions to ask which will tell you if your marketing peeps are worth their weight in the online world:

      1) What’s Alexa rank and how is it determined?

      Alexa provides a website traffic ranking service. Your marketing people should definitely at least know what it is. Fire them if they don’t. If they tell you how it computes traffic ranking (which is akin to how Nielson does TV ratings), then they most likely know what they’re doing.

      2) What’s Feedburner?

      Feedburner is an amazing free blog analytics tool which allows you to track visitors, send out automated email updates to subscribers, and do a whole host more. If they don’t know what Feedburner is and some of its more amazing features, adios, muchachos.

      3) What are the meta tags and please rank them in order of importance?

      The important meta tags are Title and Description. If they’re trying to have you jam keywords into the ‘Keywords’ meta tag, they learned SEO in 2000. They should know how to structure a good title and description (more on this later), and how these two tags are used in search results.

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