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    Webinar Tonight: Trust Accounting in Plain, Non-Boring English


      Guess what: According to the majority of practice management experts we spoke to, odds are you’re managing your trust accounts incorrectly. And this makes you at risk for disciplinary action.

      Join me and the fine folks at the Alaska Bar this afternoon/evening depending on where in the world you are. I will be guest lecturing on Trust Accounting in Plain, Non-Boring English.

      In know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking how the hell am I, Larry Port, software engineer, non-attorney, clown legal blogger, and father of two qualified to teach a CLE on Trust Accounting? I’ll tell ya how. It’s not by choice.

      I had to learn the ins and outs of client fund management so that we could offer it as a feature in Rocket Matter. All of us here did, spearheaded by mad genius product designer Ariel Jatib, who spoke to experts all around the country on the subject. So not only do I have to understand it, I have to know the intricate mechanics of it.

      And in preparation for the webinar, I’ve been using Crest White Strips®, so should I fire up the web cam, there will be some blinding pearly whites all across this great land of ours.

      But enough about me. The details:

      Client Trust Accounting in Plain, Non-boring English
      HostLarry Port of Rocket Matter
      When: Wednesday, December 8th 6PM EST
      CLE: Accredited in Alaska, 1.0 Ethics Credit Hours
      Price: $39.00
      Description: Guess what? According to North America’s state bar association Practice Management Advisors (PMAs), most attorneys are managing their client trust accounting incorrectly. Learn some of the newer ethical considerations happening with trust account management and see if you’re really doing things the right way.
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