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    Unusual and Funny Gifts You Can Get for Special Lawyer in Your Life


      This post was recently updated on December 15, 2021.


      The holidays are around the corner, and now we find ourselves dealing with the angst of thoughtful gifting. What do you get the managing partner who has everything?  In my opinion, if you wish to communicate “I care about you, I respect you, and you really are a special and important person in my life,” you gotta stand out from the crowd. You should, for example, consider gifting a Bob Ross Chia Pet.

      Sure, you can get someone a bottle of Maker’s Mark. But that can contribute to unhealthy habits, and you never know if someone has an alcohol problem. Or you can get them Cuban cigars. But those cause cancer, they’re illegal, and they can cause fires. Then there’s the ubiquitous Christmas gift basket. Nothing says “I really couldn’t think of anything to get you” like those, with the possible exception of gift cards.

      Over the past year, we at Rocket Matter have been giving away prizes to one lucky attendee of each of our webinars. We have gone above and beyond the search for meaningful presents that tickle and delight the senses, so look no further and get your friends and colleagues some of these:

      Burrito Blanket

      Not only can you cozy up on the couch on those long and cuddly winter nights, but now you can feel like you’re refried beans and rice.

      Burrito Blanket

      Bob Ross Chia Pet

      Find your inner zen not only with the countenance of the great Bob Ross, but with an indoor plant as well. It’s a happy little plant right there on your desk, minus the toxic smell of paint thinner.

      bob ross chia pet

      Awkward Family Photos

      Quite possibly the best coffee table book ever produced, Awkward Family Photos is a hilarious collection of the most cringe-worthy family portraits imaginable. 

      awkward family photos

      The Mountain Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt

      A classic piece of Amazon Review jokesterism, the three wolves t-shirt looks great under a blazer with a pair of jeans.  

      The reviews on this one are worth reading. Says one purchaser, “Your going to think I’m crazy, but when I opened the box it came in, I actually heard wolves in the far distance.”

      How delightful. Bad grammar and all. 

      wolf shirt

      Pickle of the Month Club

      The pickle of the month club is not something that any sane, rational person would get themselves, but it’s something people will be stoked about nonetheless.  Nothing says “I love you” like repeated pickle deliveries.

      Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer

      Another classic Amazon Review item, the banana slicer is the opposite of a must-have.  But what it lacks in utility, it makes up for in humor.

      According to one review, “This slicer is the best! For years my household would draw lots as to who would have to slice the banana. More than once this lead to lots of blood and a trip to the emergency room.”

      Man, I would love to be a fly on THAT wall…


      Cat Butt Tissue Holder

      With an impressive 4.5 star rating out of 1185 reviews, this tissue holder is sure to get a chuckle at the office. It fits standard square tissue boxes, and is perfect for cat lovers everywhere! 

      One review states, “If you need to spend money on a cat shaped Kleenex cover that goes out the cat’s butt, this product is for you.”

      Cat Butt Tissue Holder


      Nicholas Cage Adult Coloring Book

      For all the Nicholas Cage fans out there, we present this hilarious Nicholas Cage Adult Coloring Book. Perfect for relaxation or stress relief. Check out this amazing review:

      “Many years ago this world was blessed by Nicolas Cage, no one knows exactly the story of his birth. Was it an egg he sprung from or was he thought into existence by god himself? Nick cages creation aside this gift was for the other miraculous man in my life. My husband, similarly to Nick cage, is an enigma. Though he set aside childish things long ago he still enjoys coloring with our children. More than this, sadly to say, he is obsessed with Nicolas Cage. He won’t ever say it out loud but I know the truth. Every year on his birthday and on Christmas he gets a plethora of Nicolas Cage items, this one I think has cut the Cake, the birthday cake to be exact. So far my husband has only colored in two pages of it and let the toddlers have at it for the rest however I think that that is just the selflessness nature that is my husband, also I suspect that he wants our boys to be equally in love with Nick Cage as he is.”


      Nicholas Cage Adult Coloring Book


      Custom Face Socks

      Everyone needs socks, but not everyone gets to enjoy a pair of socks with their face on them! You can upload a photo of yourself, friend, family, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, father, kids or pets (or anyone!). 

      If you ‘re looking to take your sock game to a new level, look no further. 

      Custom Face Socks


      Happy Holidays!

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