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    Use These New Features To Ramp Up Your Evernote Productivity


      Evernote, the widely popular note take application keeps getting better and more useful with each update. We’re great fans of Evernote on this blog, and it even integrates with your law practice management software.

      Here are some of our favorite new features:

      Share notes on social media – You already have the ability to post a note directly from within Evernote to Twitter and Facebook. Now you can also share the wealth with your LinkedIn colleagues. Access the LinkedIn integration from the sharing arrow in the note panel.

      Checklists – We love checklists. Although Evernote has a checklist option in the tool bar, you had to insert checkboxes line by line. Now you can highlight the entire list and checkboxes will be inserted at the beginning of each list item. A huge time saver for checklist lovers.

      Switch between accounts – Does your workplace love Evernote as much as you do? Now you can switch between work and personal accounts from the menu. This feature is available for premium accounts only which cost a whopping $45/year.

      Tag column – Evernote is organized into Notebooks (folders), Notes (files) and Tags (index or subfolders). Along with a list of notebooks, you can now view a list of your tags in the left column. Handy.

      Strikethrough – A sentence or to-do list item no longer relevant but you want to save for future reference? You can now use the new keyboard shortcut for strikethrough: CMD+CTRL+K

      These are just a few of the latest enhancement to an already useful tool. If you’re not on Evernote yet, give it a test drive and you’ll soon find it indispensable.

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