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    Virtual Receptionist for the Mobile Lawyer


      Gone are the days where you have to pay for Class A office space you don’t need and sit by a telephone, afraid of missing your next big case.

      Tech-savvy attorneys are shirking traditional offices in favor of nimble firms supported by smartphones, tablets, and online law practice management systems like Rocket Matter. However, first impressions still count, and clients expect their calls to be answered by a friendly receptionist.

      Enter live virtual receptionist services. With virtual receptionist services, you get the best and the brightest answering your calls promptly, cheerfully, and professionally. Best of all, your callers will think she’s in your office – whether or not you have one.

      Work from anywhere. Virtual receptionists can seamlessly connect your calls to you, wherever you are. When you can’t or don’t want to be reached, your messages will be immediately emailed and/or texted to you. Voicemail messages are even emailed to you as .wav files, so you never have to wonder if you have a message waiting.

      Change your availability on the fly. Anything you’d normally tap your receptionist on the shoulder for (“In court until 3:00pm,” “Working from home today,” etc.) can all be updated with a few taps in a mobile app.

      Be more responsive. Rather than reaching a cold, impersonal voicemail, your clients – and potential clients – will be greeted by a friendly person. When you can’t come to the phone, your virtual receptionist will set great expectations for when to receive a call back (“The attorney is in court until 3:00, but I would be happy to take a message.”).

      They can also return calls on your behalf to relay information or confirm appointments, so you can focus on what you do best and keep your clients happy and well-informed.

      Prioritize your calls. Virtual receptionists can perform different actions based on the type of call as well. For example, they might try your desk phone for current clients but track you down on your cell for judges and people from the court. Customize what types of information you’d like collected from callers, too; they can even perform basic intake for new clients!

      Taking advantage of tech-savvy solutions like virtual receptionist services can help your practice be more agile, free up your time, and set your practice apart!

      Diana Stepleton is the General Manager of Ruby® Receptionists, a leading live virtual receptionist service making great first impressions for law firms nationwide. Ruby sets your practice apart – at a fraction of the cost of an on-site receptionist. A great solution for solo and small firms, Ruby will: screen, announce and transfer calls, take messages, place outgoing calls, and more. Best of all, callers think she’s in your office.

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